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 Sticky | Basic Upgrading and Stat Transfer

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PostSubject: Sticky | Basic Upgrading and Stat Transfer   Sticky | Basic Upgrading and Stat Transfer I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 07, 2009 4:54 am

Basic Information
In RYL2 you have the ability to upgrade your weapon and armor 10 levels at the blacksmith. This will allow you to add 5 gems to the item to increase its stats, but upgrading doesn't stop there. Unlike RYL1 or many other games, you can reset the level of your upgraded item back to +0 and start to add stats again by upgrading again +10 levels. When you do this the stats you added with gems are kept. This is called resetting your item and you can do it hundreds of times to weapons and armors (increasing your stats up to 4000 or more!). This is the key to high level gear.

Here is the blacksmith -- you will love and hate this NPC Smile

Silvin, Mithril, Iternium, Ancient Metals (Tobs), and Antoniums (Ants) are the metals available to use for upgrading. Every try for a +1 item level at the blacksmith requires 10 metals. Silvin, Mithril, and Iternium can all fail at upgrading which might lower your items upgrade level by -1, or back to +0. This means a +9 item has a chance to go +8 if it fails. Tobs and Ants can never fail, so they will never roll back, however you can only use Tobs 3 times in a row before you need to use regular metals.

Here is my recommended use for metals, although you can use any metals at any upgrade level:

Silvin = +1 to +2 (or sell them and use Mithrils from +1 to +6)
Mithril = +3 to +6
Iterniums = +6 to +8 (or +9)
Tobs = +8 (or +9) to +10

How To Use Gems
Gems are used to upgrade your weapon, and make potions. There are 3 sizes of gems that can be used in upgrading: S, M, and L. We are only worried about L gems, so here is how much each L gem will add to your item. (Hint: multiply the added amount x5 to know how much the gems add at +10)

Ruby: [Red]
Armor = [def +6]
Weapon/Skill Arm = [dmg +6] [dmg +3 for claw, knife arm, and dagger] [dmg +9 for 2 hand item]
Staff/Scythe = [max dmg +9] [magic power +15]
Shield/Guard Arm = [hp +150]

Blackmoon: [Black]
Armor = [xdef +3]
Weapon/Skill Arm = [xdmg +12]
Staff/Scythe = [xdmg +15]
Shield/Guard Arm = [hpr +3]

Emerald: [Green]
Armor = [hp +150]
Weapon/Skill Arm = [mp +150]
Staff/Scythe = [mp +300]
Shield/Guard Arm = [mp +150]

Sapphire: [Blue]
Armor = [hpr +3]
Weapon/Skill Arm = [mpr +3]
Staff/Scythe = [mpr +6]
Shield/Guard Arm = [mpr +3]

Diamond: [White]
Armor = [mr +3]
Weapon/Skill Arm = [crit +3]
Staff/Scythe = [crit +3]
Shield/Guard Arm = [block +3]

To add a gem to an item, hold shift and click the gem. Select 1 at a time and drop them into the sockets on the item.

About Grades
An item can be F, D, C, B, A, AA, and AAA grade. The grade is related to the highest stat(s) on an item. The lower the stat on an item is, the lower the grade. The higher the stat is, the higher the grade until the highest grade AAA. You can increase the grade of an item by using blacksmith to +10 your item, then adding gems to boost a certain stat.

Here is the RYL Grade Calculator that will tell you all about your items grades as well as help you find fusers:

Make Base Item
In order to make a proper high level weapon you need to do some work with your base before you start to upgrade. Things you need to think about are:

1. "How easy will it be for me to get money?" Because: its hard to make a higher (more expensive) item if there are low gold drops.
2. "How easy will it be for me to get Tobs/Ants?" Because: its hard to make low (cheaper) item with a low softcap if there are low Tobs/Ants drops.
3. "How easy is it to find and make AAA fusers?" Because: its hard to make a low (cheaper) item if there are low Tobs/Ants drops.
4. "Does this server allow me to use low level gear at 80+?" Because: some servers require you to make high level gear for high level char. Not in RYL Revenge.

Now that you have those questions answered you can begin to find your base item. In RYL Revenge metals and money are easy to find, but still require some work. This is why most people recommend using an 80-100 stat requirement item. Its cheap at high level, easy to find fusers for, and will allow you to use regular metals to upgrade it longer so you are required to use less Tobs/Ants. So heres what to look for:

- Base item should have 130+ endurance. The max endurance you can find is 150.
- Base item should have C grade (max) block for more defense, or very low block to save money. Your choice.
- Base item should have all high B or A grade stats except hpr/mpr. Keep these 2 stats as low as possible, or use downgrade as mentioned in the advanced guide.
- Base item should have low max dmg. This saves you more money in upgrading.

To make you base ready for upgrading, use the blackmarket to find one with the endurance and block you need. Below is a base with good endurance and block, but other stats are too low:

Find other +0 items from the blackmarket to boost your base items stats before you start to upgrade. Use stat transfer to get all stats on base except max dmg, mpr, and/or hpr as high as you can before you begin to upgrade it. (Hint: Block rate cant be transfered) Below is a completed base item ready to be upgraded:

Make Fuser Items
Fuser items are the items you stat transfer with your base item to reset its level back to +0 (and keep the stats added from gems ^ ^). You can think of it like a sacrificial item whos only job is to become AAA grade to reset your base items level. Every time you want to reset you base item, you need a +0 or +10 AAA fuser (or a fuser the same or higher as your base items grade). Reset of your base can only occur when you have both your base and fuser +0 or +10, and your fuser the same or higher grade as your base. Below is a fuser that will go AAA min dmg at +10:

Here is the equation used to figure out when your fuser goes AAA (hint: use the grade calculator):
(lowest AAA stat possible) - ([gems added @ +10] + [stats added @ +5]) = [min stat needed on fuser to make AAA]

Boosting Stats on Base Item
You must know what stats to boost. As stated, the goal is to keep max dmg, mpr, and hpr as low as possible so that fusing is always easiest, and your item is always the cheapest. This keeps your item cheaper, and allows you to continue to use this method of upgrading. All other stats on your item are fair game for boosting though! Start with min dmg on weapon/arm, magic power on staff/scythe, or def on armor. Then move onto crit and xdef on weapon/arm, mp and mpr on staff/scythe, and hp and mr on armor.

STEP #1 [Upgrade Base]
Find a base item to upgrade using above guide. Try to find one that will go AA or AAA grade at +10 with added gems. This is what is added to your weapon when you upgrade it:

+1 = def +4
+2 = xdef +2
+3 = hp +50
+4 = hpr +1
+5 = mr +1
+6 = gem socket
+7 = gem socket
+8 = gem socket
+9 = gem socket
+10 = gem socket

Weapon/Skill Arm:
+1 = min/max dmg +4
+2 = xdmg +8
+3 = mp +50
+4 = mpr +1
+5 = crit +1
+6 = gem socket
+7 = gem socket
+8 = gem socket
+9 = gem socket
+10 = gem socket

+1 = max dmg +6, magic +10
+2 = xdmg +8
+3 = mp +100
+4 = mpr +1
+5 = crit +1
+6 = gem socket
+7 = gem socket
+8 = gem socket
+9 = gem socket
+10 = gem socket

Shield/Guard Arm:
+1 = hp +50
+2 = hpr +1
+3 = mp +50
+4 = mpr +1
+5 = block +1
+6 = gem socket
+7 = gem socket
+8 = gem socket
+9 = gem socket
+10 = gem socket

Below is the base weapon from above at +10. Notice how the stats are different. This is because they grow from +1 to +5 of your upgrading. +6 through +10 adds gem sockets for you to add gems. Our base is now AA grade, ready to be reset back to +0 to add more gems.

STEP #1.5 [Add Gems to Base]
Add gems to your base item onto the stat you want to increase. This will increase your items grade. Because we had a good base, our weapon went AA grade.

STEP #2 [Upgrade Fuser]
Find a fuser to upgrade that will go AAA at +10 with L gems added. Any stat can turn AAA, it doesn't matter what it is. Upgrade your fuser to +10 and add gems (like in step 1.5) to make a stat AAA. This will be used to reset your base item.

STEP #3 [Reset Base]
Stat transfer your fuser item into your base item using any transfer stat you can. First drop in your BASE item and click next.

Next drop in your FUSER item and select any stat that is higher in the right pane. Click transfer.

Now you should see your BASE item, with same stats, except the level will be +0 again.

When your item is high stat max dmg, mpr, and hpr are the only stats on which you can reset your base item. Keep them low low low! Please see the advanced guide if you do not have any higher stats on your fuser that will stat transfer. You can still reset your base using the downgrade methods on max dmg, mpr, or hpr, even if your stats on fuser are all lower.

STEP #4 [Repeat Until Softcap and Beyond]
You can keep upgrading and resetting your base this way using regular metals until a stat reaches SC. Then you must use Tobs/Ants and follow the advanced upgrading and downgrading guide. Here are some items that have gone beyond the SC limit:

Here is the SC calculator to help you determine when your items stats will reach SC:
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Sticky | Basic Upgrading and Stat Transfer
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